Giving doesn’t have to start at your wallet: five other ways to support the campaign

Giving doesn’t have to start at your wallet: five other ways to support the campaign

Giving doesn’t have to start at your wallet: five other ways to support the campaign

We know that sometimes cash is short but the will to give is strong.

Here are five ways you can help Missoula’s homeless families if you can’t make a financial donation at this time.

1. First, chat us up. Professional marketers will tell you that word-of-mouth is one of the most powerful ways to spread a message and the need to help Missoula’s homeless families is powerful indeed.

A good starting point is to familiarize yourself with the information on this website and learn all you can about homelessness and domestic violence in our community. Then, tell three friends—or five, or 10—about why it’s important for Missoulians to work together so no family has to go without a safe place to sleep. If you belong to Nextdoor.com, share your support of our work with those who live in your immediate community. Think of it as gossip, but for the good.

2. Print our campaign flier and post it at your office or in your front window at home. Ask your place of worship or favorite restaurant, business or service provider to hang the poster, too. Use some of the knowledge you gained (see No. 1) to encourage them to show support for those in need of help.

3. We aren’t shy, so please invite us to come speak at your congregation hall, social club or other gathering. We are passionate about helping our homeless neighbors and would be honored to talk about our mission. Simply call the YWCA at (406) 543-6691 and ask for Becky Margolis.

4. Because the world lives on social media, we encourage you to post the link to our campaign website on your social media profiles, and share our posts with your friends. Encourage them to share with their friends. Each share brings us that much closer to providing shelter and support to families in need.

5. Write a letter to the editor. It doesn’t have to be poetic; heartfelt is good enough.

To learn about other ways you can get involved in supporting local families in need, visit the YWCA website or Missoula Interfaith Collaborative’s website.

Your support, in whatever form it takes, is warmly welcomed not just by us but also by the families we help each day. Thank you for everything you do.


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