August 2020 Construction Update

It's very exciting to watch The Meadowlark continue to take shape this summer. Right now, the internal framing is nearly complete and in the next few weeks we will begin hanging dry wall.

Video: Construction progress

Here's a quick look at all the progress that's happened from November 2019 to July 2020.

June 2020 Construction Update

Construction has begun on the third and top floor of The Meadowlark. This floor will include some of the sleeping rooms for the domestic violence shelter wing.

May 2020 Construction Update

The second floor walls are going up! Here you can see the space where the kitchen of the family housing center will be located.

April 17: More Progress on Interior Walls

There's been lots of exciting construction progress this month! Interior walls are continuing to go up on the first floor, which will include the offices of the YWCA service center.

April 2020 Construction Update

Walls are now going up for the first floor. When completed, the first floor will contain the YWCA offices, as well as dining and living rooms for the domestic violence shelter and family housing center.

COVID-19 and building project update

At this time, construction of The Meadowlark has not paused. We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and update you with any changes to our building project or campaign.

Construction update: March 2020

Construction of the stem walls are now complete. Soon concrete will be poured for the foundation of the family housing center wing. Decking is being placed across the top of the parking garage,

Construction update: February 2020

Winter weather is upon us, but construction of The Meadowlark is proceeding. The concrete walls of the underground garage are 99% complete and the concrete floor is underway.