Whenever a family loses housing or an individual suffers domestic violence in Missoula, we will provide safe shelter that night—plus the support necessary to move into a stable home and live a life free from violence.



Since 1911 YWCA Missoula has worked to address the emerging issues facing women and girls in our community. Today, the YWCA provides a range of services for women, children and men, services united by a powerful purpose: to eliminate racism, empower women, and promote peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all in Missoula.



Congregations or faith communities were our town’s original social service organizations, offering support and hope for people in crisis. Today, 33 local congregations and organizations have joined together as the Missoula Interfaith Collaborative, an alliance dedicated to addressing complex social challenges locally. MIC’s founding leadership comes from Missoula’s First Nations, Jewish, Buddhist, Christian and Muslim communities.


Throughout this website we’ve highlighted key facts about the need in our community, the solution we propose, the impact it will have, and what it will take to bring that vision to reality. Want more details? Here’s where you can find them.


The See Them Home campaign is led by some of Missoula’s most respected philanthropists, community advocates, and civic and business leaders. They all share a common passion and commitment to provide safety and hope to Missoula’s homeless families and domestic violence survivors.


We love Missoula for all the classic reasons. We live in a stunning valley surrounded by soaring peaks, with clean rivers riffling right through our midst. We are blessed with a wilderness area right outside the back door, Flathead Lake just an hour to the north, and ski areas and hot springs in every direction.

But really what we treasure about Missoula is its people. There is something undefinable yet quintessentially Missoula about the way we collectively work hard, play harder, and treat each other with kindness across the public and private spheres.

Unfortunately our Missoula experience isn’t shared by everyone. All across our valley there are people quietly struggling with the basics of life: shelter, food, safety. Few of them ever expected to become homeless, and none seek it.

Crossing the threshold into homelessness is frightening, stressful, bewildering and often shame-inducing for parents. Imagine what it’s like for their children.

We can’t stand the thought of a child sleeping in a car or camping in the cold. We can’t fathom what it’s like to face the choice between living with a violent partner or living on the streets.

That’s why we’ve committed to help YWCA Missoula and Missoula Interfaith Collaborative build a family-sized solution for Missoula’s homeless families and survivors of domestic violence. A place of hope and shelter, where our struggling neighbors can find the resources to regain their footing and begin a new path.

With your help, we can do this. Our community’s powerful compassion and can-do spirit have helped stitch together a powerful social safety net through institutions like Watson Children’s Shelter, the Poverello Center and the Missoula Food Bank, to name a few. This project will fill an important gap in local social services, helping to make our community even stronger by providing a path toward stability and hope for some of our most vulnerable neighbors.

We ask you to join us in this campaign to end family homelessness in Missoula and provide a safe place for survivors of domestic violence. Together we will see them home.

Kathy Veazey
Angela & Stephen Hardy
Phyllis & Bill Bouchee, honorary chairs
Co-chairs, See Them Home campaign


Kathy Veazy, co-chair
Angela & Stephen Hardy, co-chairs
Phyllis and Bill Bouchee, honorary chairs

Chelsea & Seth Bodner
Ann & Tom Boone
Tana & Scott Burke
Pastor Dan Cravy
Sabrina & Todd Donahue
Mayor John Engen
Tolly & Merv Eriksson
Pastor Chris Flohr
Dean French
Shelley & Kyle Lingscheit
Anna Martello
Kathy & Martin McAllister
Shirley & Steve Nelson
Cindy & Ed Nesselroad
Martha Newell
Jim Royan
Barbara & Tom Severson
Father Rob Spaliatsos
Mary Lou & Tom Stergios
Nancy Thompson & Dale Woolhiser
Faye Hanson Warren
Sally Weaver


Cindy Weese, YWCA Executive Director, 543-6691
Casey Dunning, MIC Executive Director, 207-8228
Julie Maturen, YWCA Development Director, 543-6691
Diane Adami, YWCA Philanthropy Officer, 543-6691