for families in crisis and survivors of domestic violence.


We may never stop families from losing their homes. But we can keep them from losing hope. That’s what YWCA Missoula and Missoula Interfaith Collaborative have set out to do.

Our goal is clear: Whenever a family loses housing or an individual suffers domestic violence in Missoula, we will provide safe shelter that night—plus the support necessary to rapidly move into a stable home and live a life free from violence.


With room for up to 31 families in one wing and up to 13 survivors of domestic violence and their children in a separate wing—plus large shared kitchens, children’s play and study areas, health care and wellness rooms and more—the new facility will offer residents more than a place to sleep at night. It will be a place to start rebuilding their lives, day by day. A place of community, privacy and empowerment. A refuge to heal, reconnect and grow.


Families at the new YWCA facility will have access to:

    • Ongoing case management to connect families to community resources.
    • Mentorship for families from Family Promise volunteers and MIC’s Housing Advocate Network.
    • Rent assistant funds to help families quickly move into new housing—and thrive there.
    • A medical clinic space providing basic health care services.
    • Programming for children and classes for adults.
    • Support groups and counseling for domestic violence victims.
    • 24-hour staffing and security to ensure resident safety.


By building a safe, secure place for our hidden homeless families, we create positive outcomes across our community.

Improved educational outcomes

Homeless children are twice as likely to have a learning disability, be suspended from school, or repeat a grade. Early intervention can build resiliency and prevent long-term negative impacts.

Less pressure on emergency services

Homelessness is linked to poor physical and emotional health for kids and adults alike. The needs of homeless populations put extra pressure on local hospital emergency rooms, law enforcement and other public agencies for basic support and health care services.

A springboard to stability

It’s incredibly difficult to obtain or keep a job when you don’t have a place to dress for work and when you aren’t sure where you’ll sleep at night. This new facility and its programs will provide people the basics that they need to fully participate and contribute in the community.

By building the Family Housing Center we are taking a stand to say that in Missoula, when a family loses housing for any reason, we will See Them Home.