is home to 110 homeless children every night.


It’s easy to overlook the homeless families in Missoula, but they are just as real as our most recognized sites.


It’s time we start seeing the problem … and offering our help just as visibly. That’s why YWCA Missoula and Missoula Interfaith Collaborative have joined together to begin working on a better solution for Missoula’s homeless families and survivors of domestic violence.


In our valley, beauty converges with culture to create a community unlike any, anywhere. But for some people, life in Missoula means impossible choices and crushing hardship. It means running from violence at home—and hiding the realities of homelessness at school or work. Watch this brief video to learn about the challenges faced by Missoula’s hidden homeless, and hear how YWCA Missoula and Missoula Interfaith Collaborative are partnering to See Them Home.



Local businesses promote See Them Home campaign during September

Look for blue See Them Home shirts all over town during the week of September 8th! Dozens of Missoula businesses are sporting the shirts, displaying posters, and collecting donations!

Groundbreaking ceremony held to mark launch of facility construction

Celebration (and dirt!) was in the air, as YWCA Missoula and MIC, joined by community members, officials and campaign supporters, turned the first shovelfuls of soil at the site of the new facility.

YWCA Missoula and Missoula Interfaith Collaborative launch public phase of capital campaign

After four years of planning and initial fundraising, YWCA and MIC have launched the public phase of a capital campaign to build a new facility that will provide much-needed services and shelter.